Make A Donation!

Since August 2000, Orion Center has been building a science center at Lake Of The Ozarks. The picture above shows our grand opening in 2005. The Orion Science Center, aka DinoSpace, Adventure, has been serving area families and Ozarks tourists a combination of fun and hands on science, but now it's time to take the science center to a new level.

Orion Center DinoSpace Adventure is now CreationXpo with more sophisticated content. It's a prototype for a new kind of science center with a Biblical Christian perspective. We have completed the walk-through museum and still have the fun outdoor attractions for kids. We've added a patio concession area serving drinks and snacks, and we're looking to add a community center as funding becomes available. Read about the project, participate, donate.

Museum Exchange is an experiment to fund our work in a new way. Orion Center has always strategized to earn our way rather than be completely dependent on contributions. We've also learned first hand the complexity and cost of exhibit design and acquisition. Big museums need to dispose of excess inventory and smaller venues need exhibit materials. Museum Exchange will use the business model of connecting sellers with buyers on a commission basis.