What's Your Worldview?

There are three aspects to every individual’s world view. Our view of science, our beliefs about God, and how you relate to society and government.  Worldview forms the basis for all we believe.

Our mission is to saturate media with the truths of God and implement good works to lift up His people. 

Why Care About Worldview?

Certainly not to create divisions. Understanding worldviews allows us to better understand people outside of ours, while also knowing how to properly present our view. Worldview is the starting point of what you believe. Worldview is like a silent, self imposed control on your thought patterns. It's worth understanding if you care about truth and honesty between different groups of people.

Basic Assumptions

God or Man...the underlying basis for every worldview. Ideas matter. Believers in God favor creation over evolution and freedom of conscience over authoritarianism.

Science and Reality

Our worldview analysis looks at cosmology, biology, and geology. For each area we compare what scientists actually observe and how their worldviews affect theories.

Government & History

Worldview has very practical outcomes. A Biblical worldview in America led the founders to invent a form of government to protect freedom.

The Gospel

Dr. Francis Schaefer asked the question, "How Should We Then Live?" How do we live our lives in alignment with the Lord?

About Us: The Search for Truth

It's all about the road. God has had us on a journey to uncover truth and share for the cause of unity. That may seem strange when you consider the apparent conflict between science and faith in God, but really both scientists and Bible believers are on the same path seeking truth.

My name is Bill Mundhausen, the Chairman of the corporation and Director of day-to-day operations of Orion Center. The Orion Center developed CreationXpo which is best understood as a Biblical worldview ministry developing a scientific model of natural history and a proper understanding of Godly government and personal faith in Christ. 

These pages are a summary of key points in the book, "Xpo:What Believers Ought To Believe." Clicking the button below  links to a page for each chapter of the book. Topics include:
  • What is Worldview
  • The Universe
  • Story of Life
  • Geology and the Flood
  • Dinosaurs
  • What the Bible Says
  • Government and History
  • The Gospel
See below to explore Worldview

Worldview Components

 Explore each of the eight elements of worldview below. 
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Xpo is an easy to read, non technical overview of Bible belief from understanding Scripture to creation science to politics and government to knowing and fulfilling the Gospel. 

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Xpo Book

We've assembled quick videos that convey important truths. Many are developed from Xpo Minutes on the Radio. Others are shared from other ministries.  

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Click the image above to read sample scripts from our Xpo Minutes and play audio sample. It's a painless way to experience nuggets of Biblical worldview. 

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Scripts and Samples

Outreach Missions

Xpo Minutes is a seed planting ministry. Each Xpo Minute is a one-minute message crafted for radio and focusing on an element of Biblical thinking derived from the book "Xpo: What Believers Ought To Believe." 

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Xpo Minutes

Every American citizen has felt powerless in the face of the powerful elites that control government. The answer lies in the U.S. Constitution and in requiring politicians to comply to this ultimate rule of law. 

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Constitutional Government

God's Green Garden is a community outreach. Everybody needs food...quality food and a sustainable source. We are a cooperative community garden whose members enjoy the fruit of shared labor.

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God's Green Garden

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