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Xpo Minute Radio Clips

You might think of Xpo Minutes as a seed planting ministry. Each Xpo Minute is a one-minute message crafted for radio and focusing on an element of Biblical thinking derived from the book "Xpo: What Believers Ought To Believe." You can hear samples on this web site under "Resources - Scripts and Samples". So what's the big deal? There are several unexpected (and we think compelling) aspects to Xpo Minutes.

God's Rightful Status as Creator

We associate creation with our ideas about God as the creator of the natural world. However, God's creative power extends beyond mere stuff. He's a personal God of ideas and concepts and people. God created family. He designed community. God's configuration of family and community leads also to our understanding of government and politics. Our conclusion is that everything about a Biblical world view leads us back to God's status as the Creator of all things.

Anyone Can Be A Star

Our very first Xpo Minute was narrated by my friend, Darius Wentz, a pastor and occasional radio newscaster. Although Bill Mundhausen is writer and producer, our narrators can be area business people, teachers, or politicians. The idea is for men and women from every area of life to speak their support for the Lord in unity.

Please Help Expand Our Reach

Because we do the creative portion in-house, our only cost to expand to more stations is to pay for air time. That's been about $200 a month on a typical station. Please click the DONATE button below and consider how much support you can provide to minister to America through our radio ministry
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