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Elements of the Xpo Experience

The pages in this menu are a summary of key points in the book, "Expo:What Believers Ought To Believe."  licking the Xpo Elements menu gives you links to a page for each chapter of the book. 

We begin by exploring worldview answering questions like what is a worldview, where it comes from, how it changes, and what impact it has one everyday living.

Our next step is the Bible. It is after all the foundation of a Biblical worldview. How do we interpret Scripture? Why don't we read the Bible like we read other books?  How can we have a Biblical worldview if we change the meaning of Scripture to line up with our extra-Biblical beliefs?

Once we have established what worldview means and what the Bible says, we can move on to investigate science and government and how all these influences affect our personal walk with the Lord. How should we live based on our understanding of Scripture, the natural world, and human society?  Sounds a bit intellectual, but it's really very practical.
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