Your Worldview

What Is Worldview?

Worldview is the lens you look through in examining the world. Watch the video to the left for perspectives about worldview from the Truth Project featuring R.C. Sproul and Ravi Zacharias.

Three Aspects

There are three aspects to every individual’s world view. One aspect is our view of Science and Nature – how you understand the natural world. Your view about science enforces your spiritual understanding – Beliefs about God. Those two views, Belief and Science, conspire to determine how you relate to society and how society is governed.

The American Tradition: “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.” The result of this world view is belief in God and confidence that we live in a created world. Our worldview gives us an understanding that individuals have dignity because they are made in God’s image. Therefore, government’s main responsibility is to protect individual liberty.

Secular Humanism

Removing America’s historical belief in a created world transforms each individual into someone incompatible with the nation’s founding and alienated from God. Because such people have no hope in God’s providence, their only hope is a human government that takes care of their needs. Unfortunately, a government with the power to take care of your needs does so at the expense of liberty.

Willie Mays?

Yes, there's a practical application of worldview. Here's Willie Mays making a famous catch in the World Series in the Polo Grounds. How do great athletes do what they do? Are they a chance assemblage of biological parts or made in the image of their Creator God. Anyone who has played sports has experienced the feeling of doing something extra- ordinary. We don’t do it as often as professional athletes, but it happens and we’re amazed by it. It’s like a flash of lightning, a tiny miracle, or an unexpected gift.

The point is to demonstrate how unique human beings are and how there are really only two explanations. Either man is just a chance assemblage of advantageous features assembled by evolution or he is made in the image of God. I think “image of God” is the easy winner in this room.

Reverse Your Thinking

A Biblical Worldview is so powerful it can completely change your way of thinking. Actually it is the Gospel that does the work of worldview revelation. Here's a wonderful illustration from Deo Volente Media.

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