Constitutional Govt

Constitutional Government

Every American citizen has felt powerless in the face of the powerful elites that control government, but now there are real solutions to reigning back that trend. The answer lies in the Constitution of the United States which properly limits Federal force, and in requiring politicians to comply to this ultimate rule of law. Here is our two-part strategy to finally DO what most Americans want done.

Educate Yourself

We no longer teach constitutional principles in our schools. Fortunately, a great American educational institution, Hillsdale College, has created a video series describing the principles of the US Constitution. The Hillsdale series of lectures offers an easy way to educate yourself or present to groups. They're provided completely free of charge, and are an essential resource for advocates of freedom and sound government.

Convention of States

Convention of States (COS) is a nation-wide movement that offers a practical, legal remedy for government overreach. You can learn all about it at Article V of the United States Constitution allows our state governments to call for a national convention to remedy procedural shortcomings to restore the rule of law over Federal officials. It is the legal authority to return citizen authority over the rich and powerful, restoring the checks and balances that protect our liberty. You can follow Missouri's progress on Facebook by clicking the image.

What is COS?

The one minute video on the right will give you a quick overview for the Convention of States option defined by Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Check our progress in Missouri.
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