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God's Green Garden - A Sustainable Community Project

The basic idea of sustainable living is to foster a lifestyle that is affordable and continuing, and that usually means creating something that aligns with God's design. God's Green Garden is an experiment in permaculture, a system of agricultural and social organization principles centered on simulating the patterns and features observed in creation.  Its branches include ecological design, environmental construction and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable, regenerative self-maintained habitats. Just like God's created world, a permaculture garden is organized to thrive with minimal labor or interference.
God's Green Garden is as much about community as it is about gardening. Everybody needs food...better quality food and a source that will always be there. Some people garden at home so they can have produce free from the compromises in quality that are a necessary aspect of large-scale commercial growing. However, many people are limited in what they can do at home. This project vision is to bring people together in a cooperative community to supply and work the garden and enjoy the fruit of their labor. By sharing the work, we allow members the freedom during the growing season to travel or pursue other interests while other members tend the garden. Sharing benefits us all.
God's Green Garden is headquartered at the Camdenton Senior Center's 9 acre property. That property will be a laboratory for permaculture techniques from which successful experiments can be rolled out to other public and private properties throughout the community. Click the image above for an expanded view of the property map.
Community Cooperation - God's Green garden will create a new economy with a currency made up of both labor and money. Successful community growing projects elsewhere in the country have used a Costco membership style of participation. We will begin with volunteer stakeholders committed to either labor hours or equivalent money to secure a share in the garden's production. That production will include:  
- Trees and Shrubs
- Flowers
- Vegetables and Herbs
- Fruits and Nuts
- Mushrooms
- Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Quail
- Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Pigs
- Alpaca
- Bees
- Talapia, Catfish
- Bait products (worms, minnows, leeches)
Taking It Home - Participants in the project will be able to take what they learn and implement it at home. Even a small property can be developed to produce enough food to feed a family. In some cases, these techniques can even create new home business enterprises. These businesses might include permaculture consulting, fish hatcheries, bio-char production and distribution, small orchards, and more.
Volunteers for God's Green Garden are working on a business plan and implementation strategy to make all this possible. If you would like to donate money to help us during the planning phase, your donation will secure a place for you in realizing the fruit of our labor. Contact us for additional information.
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