Creation Xpo - The Book

Xpo is an easy to read, non technical overview of Bible belief from understanding Scripture to creation science to politics and government to knowing and fulfilling the Gospel. 
Our new book is titled "Xpo: What Believers Ought To Believe" by Orion Center founder Bill Mundhausen. The book expands on the museum's message and allows us to say everything we can't explain through exhibits and artifacts. The cover art is gorgeous and the content will amaze you. It makes a handsome gift for that skeptical friend you've been trying to convince or for any Christian who wants to firm up their worldview in all areas. 

All book sales profits help fund the outreach of Orion Center CreationXpo. The Xpo book is available by local order or online:

  • Ordering direct through Amazon's Createspace publishing division provides the highest profit for our ministry. Retail price is the same as through Amazon, although Amazon is sometimes discounted.
  • Amazon Prime members may prefer to order through the main Amazon site in order to enjoy your Prime benefits.
  • If you prefer purchasing through a local book retailer, you can purchase at Stonecrest Book and Toy (573-348-4788).
  • Book stores and resellers can register at Createspace to order copies in bulk with a quantity discount. Click here to register.
For more information, visit Bill's Amazon Author Page .

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