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About Us

It's all about the road. God has had us on a journey to uncover truth and share for the cause of unity. That may seem strange when you consider the apparent conflict between science and faith in God, but really both scientists and Bible believers are on the same path seeking truth.

My name is Bill Mundhausen,  the Chairman of the corporation and Director of day-to-day operations of Orion Center. The Orion Center developed CreationXpo which is best understood as a Biblical worldview center developing a scientific model of natural history and a proper understanding of Godly government and personal faith in Christ. Now we are closing the CreationXpo museum and developing digital media to reach a wider audience for our message.

Here's a little personal biography. I was born in Rhinebeck, New York in 1949 and grew up in nearby Barrytown...a community in the Hudson River Valley about 90 miles north of New York City. I attended the University of Rochester and San Francisco State College graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in 1971.

After a corporate career, my wife Peggy and I relocated to the Lake of the Ozarks region where I developed several small businesses. We founded the Orion Center in August 2000 and purchased its existing building and 4.5 acre property and donated it to the corporation. We have two daughters, Rebecca and Gretchen. The family is active in church and enjoys tennis, golf, and travel.

The CreationXpo Experience

We spent many years creating and operating a museum, but the Lord was just using that effort to refine a message. In September 2014 that message was summarized in a book, "Xpo: What Believers Ought To Believe."

Xpo expands on the mission of the CreationXpo Biblical worldview center ministering to all people the truth of God and calling the Church in developing and preserving truths that unite us. Could there really be such a thing as unity among believers? Xpo begins with worldview and the divide between humanists and lovers of God. It delves into our understanding of the Bible and how to determine a Biblical worldview. Then Xpo reviews the major areas of scientific knowledge, separating fact from secular theory and using Scripture to point to the best creationist ideas. Eventually, the author brings everything back to the more personal contemporary issues of family, community, politics, and how we should live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Xpo is unique and important in drawing the hearts of Christians back to the truths of God and our unity as lovers of God.

We also sincerely hope that non-believers will read Xpo to gain a better understanding of the divide between us and what Christians really think. We really are on the same journey. We want and value the same things. This isn't a war...it's a conversation.
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